Dermatology Service

Dermatology is a medical and surgical speciality that studies human skin and the diseases that can affect it. A very important role are the different methods of both prevention and preservation and / or skin recovery.

The skin is the most extensive organ of our body and fulfills various functions such as:

  1. – Barrier against germs.
  2. – Control the excessive loss of water.
  3. – Help regulate body temperature.
  4. – It favors the production of Vitamin D by our organism.

In our Dermatology department we perform the diagnosis and medical-surgical treatment of cutaneous-mucosal dermatoses and of the main cutaneous tumors. We make a special effort in the detection and early prevention of skin cancer through digitalized dermatoscopy and photofinder mole map.

Services portfolio

    1. – Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cutaneous neoplasms:
      Among the skin neoplasms that are not melanomas are basal cell or squamous cell cancers. They are the most frequent, and are cancers that very rarely spread to other parts of the body (metastasis).
      • digitized dermatoscopy
      • photodynamic therapy
    2. – Early diagnosis and prevention of melanoma.
      Among cutaneous neoplasms, we pay special attention to melanoma, a cancer that originates in melanocytes. They can occur on any part of the skin although it is more common in the chest and back area in men and women’s legs, they are also usually found on the face and neck. Most of these tumors continue to produce melanin, being brown or black, but sometimes they do not produce it, being pink or lighter.
      photofinder mole map: performs a full automatic body mapping
    3. – Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
      Venereology is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. These are diseases that mainly affect the genital area but also other parts of the body, both because there was direct contact, and because it extended. They have many skin manifestations
    4. – Acne Treatment
      Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin problems, begins at puberty due to hormonal changes and persists until adulthood
    5. – Diagnosis and treatment of hair and nail diseases:
      Hair mesotherapy
    6. – Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis.. )
    7. – Diagnosis and treatment of pigmentation disorders (melasma, vitiligo)
    8. – Prevention of skin aging, cosmetic advice
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