Psychology explores concepts such as perception, attention, motivation, emotion, brain functioning, intelligence, thinking, personality, personal relationships, consciousness and unconsciousness.

Psychology employs empirical, quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyze behavior.

Our psychology department places special emphasis on holistic therapy, aiming at personal growth and accompanying the patient in their process.

In our area of psycho-oncology we have as fundamental points:

1.- Prevention: not only is helping our patient to manage their problems but training in the prevention of their appearance.

2.- Therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation: having improved cancer survival rates, in many cases patients become chronic and we must help them coexist with their disease. There is still in our society, a high stigmatization of the word cancer and this has a very negative effect on our patients. At the time of giving a diagnosis to our patient it is very important to know what information we must give, know how to adapt it and fundamentally to know what each patient is willing to accept at each moment. The physical changes suffered by our patients as a result of their illness generate feelings of anxiety and our therapy will be aimed at incorporating our patient to a full and satisfactory life.

3.- Palliative care: sometimes we reach extreme stages of the disease in which the most important thing is to make the patient’s daily life bearable and to provide care that will lead him to a peaceful and peaceful death.

Clinical services
  • Addiction: both alcohol abuse and addiction have different forms. Alcohol dependence has different degrees and does not always mean drinking an excessive amount. If alcohol dependence is associated with a higher rate of problems of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other substance abuse.
  • Eating disorders: there are several types the most common are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive eater syndrome (binge eating), body dysmorphia. These disorders are conditioned in all cases with an unhealthy relationship with food. It is very important to diagnose and treat the disorder as soon as possible to obtain better results.
  • General advice: we are all at risk of developing a mental health problem. These can be defined as a health condition that changes a person’s ability to think logically, deal with emotions, difficult feelings or that lead him to behave in an irrational way causing the person anguish and difficulty of functioning.
  • Grief counseling: Grief is the psychological process that occurs as a result of a loss. It covers not only the emotional response, but the physiological and social response.
  • Advice on relationships: we advise and support both couples who feel a deterioration in their relationship, and those who want a cordial break. Couples therapy is not only for couples in times of crisis or breakup, but for those who want to improve their self-knowledge and understanding.



PHYSIOTHERAPY: Marta Lombardía


In Magna Clinic we have a multidisciplinary team for the diagnosis and recovery of injuries, cardiology, internal medicine, traumatology, physiotherapy, chiropractic … Thanks to this we have a detailed monitoring of the patient.

The Rehabilitation and functional recovery Unit is formed by a physiotherapist and a chiropractor, both with extensive experience. All sessions are personalized and individual. They can be done in the clinic as well as in your own home.

The areas that the treatments comprise are:

Treatment of sport injuries
We work to recover the patient’s functionality as soon as possible, minimizing the recovery times facilitates the patient a quick and efficient reincorporation to the sport.

Among the sports injuries, note: muscle alterations, musculoskeletal injuries, joint injuries and tendon injuries.

Among the treatments we perform we can find sports massage, sprain recovery, fiber breaks, fractures, tendonitis …

Therapeutic massage
By means of the massage we exert a mechanical action on the tissues, as well as to warm up, stimulate and develop the musculature. Our professionals at Magna Clinic will improve adhesions, circulation, as well as relax your muscles. By means of massage and stretching, pain is relieved and the quality of the muscle and its normal movement are improved. It has multiple applications, cervicalgias, dorsalgias, lumbalgias, sciatica, muscular overloads. Occasionally, massage is contraindicated, as in acute inflammations, acute phase of sports injuries, joint effusions, open wounds, phlebitis initiation and vascular fragility.
Geriatric treatment
We treat diseases and injuries derived from age, we give special importance to the quality of life of the patient and the understanding of their situation. We design specific exercise programs adapted for our patients. The treatments include reeducation of gait and balance, rehabilitation after prosthesis surgery, mobilization of bedridden patients, pain treatment (if any), recovery and maintenance of joint and muscle balance and fundamentally improving the quality of life.
Lymphatic drainage
It is a technique that consists of a gentle massage to mobilize the body’s fluids, favoring the elimination of waste substances thus reducing inflammation and pain. The benefits of drainage include the increase and improvement of the body’s defenses, reduction of pain, absorption of edema …
Neurological rehabilitation
Treats injuries of the nervous system, stroke, Parkinson’s, nerve compressions … Our work consists of improving both, the physical capacities and the structural and sensitive alterations of the patient.
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